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The Charists

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Quorn Grange Hotel, Sunday 14th January 2018, 10.30am to 4pm.

The Chartists were the first working class political movement anywhere in the world. They began the struggle for universal suffrage – votes for all – that took more than 130 years to finally achieve. This struggle for democracy shook the Victorian world to its foundations; saw industrial workers step on to the political stage, was opposed by the authorities at every turn, and saw the beginnings of mass, modern-style, campaigning.

Rallies, street corner meetings, political journalism and theatre were all honed by the Chartists. At O’ Connorville they attempted to build a utopian, rural, society – at Newport they were met with soldiers and a hail of lead shot.

In this day school, the words, the deeds and the songs of the Chartists help illustrate a story of struggle and sacrifice that one of us should ever forget. Dr Mike Sanders, of Manchester University, who has published widely on the subject, will lead-off a lively discussion.

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