Captain Ska playing at Liberating Arts

The band behind ‘Liar Liar’ are to play the Saturday night gig at Liberating Arts. The song criticising Prime Minister Theresa May, was released on Friday and by Monday had risen to number two on the influential iTunes singles chart. The song features soundbites from May, alongside lyrics including: “She’s a liar liar, you can’t trust her, no, no, no.”

Captain Ska playing at Liberating Arts

Kurdish Festival Photos

Hunger strike of teachers in Turkey at a critical stage! Please share!

Dear all!

this is an urgent call regarding the hungerstrikes, which are carried out in Turkey and reached a critical level…

* The teachers Nuriye Gulmen and Semih Özakca are on hungerstrike, because, same as thousands of public servants they were dismissed by emergency laws and now they struggle for their own and for the rights of all… They demand the end of the emergency state and were taken into custody and tortured for almost a hundred times.
But they continue.. 
Today is their  62nd day of hungerstrike and their health situation has become really seriously!

* The 70-year old father Kemal Gun went on hungerstrike in the Kurdish city Dersim, because the AKP refuses to give him the dead body of his killed son and the corpses of 10 other persons.
Today is the 75th day of his strike and his situation is really critical!

Attached we send you a flyer in this context with the date of tomorrow and we ask you to spread this news, to publish the flyer and show solidarity!

It is easy to correct the dates, if there is need to.

Greetings and thanks for solidarity, which can help us saving the lives of those brave people!

GFTU Sponsors Journalists’ visit to Turkey

The forthcoming referendum in Turkey seeks to give further tyrannical powers to the head of state in his clampdown on democracy, civil rights and opposition movements. The GFTU is pleased to be supporting a visit by two award winning journalists to Turkey over this crucial period to observe the appalling situation that has unfolded with the imprisonment of opposition MPs, mass sackings of public sector workers and academics and the destruction of some Kurdish areas. Reports and articles by the journalists we are supporting will be available to affiliates upon their return.

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