Captain Swing & the Luddites

Quorn Grange Hotel, Sunday 6th May 2018, 10.30am to 4pm.

Machine wrecking, rick-burning, and seemingly random violence: the Luddites and the rural followers of ‘Captain Swing’ have had a terrible press from the establishment. Indeed, their motivations, exploits, triumphs and bitter sacrifices have been almost eclipsed and forgotten.

Come and find out the truth about them at this GFTU day school that seeks to recover their own words and deeds, setting them back within their own historical context and exploring a truly ‘hidden history’.

In the process, the difficulties and dangers of organising for political change with few of the civil liberties or campaigning resources available to us today will be explored; and the heroic idealism of these often misunderstood and overlooked forerunners of the Labour Movement will be revealed.

Be part of GFTU’s history programme and write your own chapter of a living,
growing, history!

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