Trade Union Employment Rep / Trade Union Caseworker Position

An ideal opportunity has arisen for an experienced employment caseworker to join our not for
profit union for education, early years & childcare professionals.
We offer a competitive annual salary commencing at £27,892 per annum, with potential annual
increments leading up to £32,749 per annum, based on a 35-hour week. Varied additional
benefits are offered including a contributory pension scheme and a health care cash plan (paid
for by the organisation).
This role is based working at the Head Office in Derby, with the requirement to travel to
meetings and provide casework support for our members who are based throughout the UK.
A driving licence and use of a car would be beneficial for the role, for long distance business
travel a lease car can be provided.

HQ Caseworker - Derby office based - advertisement


The Time has come Freedom for Ocalan

The Kurdish question relates to Iraq, Iran, Syria and in particular Turkey and is one of the major
unsolved problems of the Middle East. For many year Turkey, and now ISIS, have been threatening the Kurds with genocide. In this conflict countless lives have been lost. Cities and villages have been destroyed, genocidal attacks have taken place. Millions of people have become refugees dispersed over different territories. Thousands of women have been sold into
slavery by ISIS. The Middle East is in deep crisis. But not all is black, there is hope!

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GFTU General Secretary Doug Nicholls congratulates IER on 30 years of progress

The General Secretary of the GFTU, Doug Nicholls, has recorded a Happy Birthday message to the Institute of Employment Rights on the occasion of our 30th Anniversary Year.

As part of the year-long celebrations – which follow our greatest success so far: the adoption of our Manifesto for Labour Law as a blueprint for future employment legislation by the Labour Party – we are raising money to create new digital materials, develop our policy recommendations further, and generate a cash reserve to avoid repeat fundraising.

The IER is a charity and relies entirely on donations from those who wish to see an alternative to neoliberalist policy in the UK. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of those who have helped us to meet our objectives over the past 30 years – financially or otherwise. However, we do still need your help…

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Winning a Statutory Youth Service

Doug Nicholls reflects on the momentus Roundtable event which took place at the Palace of Westminster on 23rd April 2018. He posits that there are shifts towards a new Youth Service with support from key politicians, youth organisations and young people. Setting the political and economic context, Nicholls suggests how a new youth service if both needed and affordable.

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