Why choose Albion Education and Training?

  • We have a clear commitment to quality by implementing a rigorous quality control system
  • We have a sensitive, clear and value driven pricing structure
  • Access to a core pool of over 30 highly qualified trainers, carefully selected by Albion to ensure the highest standards
  • Our trainers are expected to demonstrate all professional development to Albion each year and to keep updating their skills and knowledge as appropriate
  • Our trainers are from across industrial sectors
  • We can develop most kinds of work related training and respond to short deadlines
  • Full consultation will take place with clients prior to the commencement of bespoke work
  • Clients can actively plan their own curriculum for bespoke work
  • Managed by experienced staff with over 20 years of experience each
  • Commitment to quality assurance
  • All aspects of delivery and feedback are monitored in a constant improvement cycle
  • Internal quality control systems in place
  • Participant’s feedback closely monitored and shared with clients on bespoke work
  • Client feedback and evaluation meeting held where required
  • Fast track accreditation
  • Close connections with higher education institutions
  • A commitment to creating safe, stable and legally compliant working environments
  • Access to legal advice if required
  • Great training venues
  • Our own quality residential training venue
  • A clear understanding of the world of work
  • Ethical values
  • A social enterprise governance structure

Mission Statement

Our mission is to raise standards for in-service training whilst working within an ethical framework.


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