Saving & Growing our Public NHS

Quorn Grange Hotel, Sunday 12th November 2018, 10.30am to 4pm.

The NHS matters to every single person and every single trade unionist in this country.

Since 1948, when a Labour Government and people power created it out of sheer vision, blood, sweat and tears, it has been the best in the world. But even before the advent of the 2010 Coalition and the current Tory Government there were already moves to underfund and privatise Our NHS. Alarm bells began ringing!

What are the pressures? Do we still believe in ‘NHS Values’? Can the NHS survive?

The fight to save our publically funded, publically provided NHS is the one that has galvanised the most people in recent months. The tutors on this course helped put 200,000 people on the street in March 2017, fighting for Our NHS.

This will be a special Socialist Sunday day school packed with valuable information, tears and laughter, and – we have a plan! A plan to save our NHS from the profiteers!

The day will be hosted by Keith Venables, Convenor, Independent Working Class Education Network.

See you there!

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