What the GFTU offers…

The General Federation of Trade Unions are a friendly democratic organisation responsive to the needs of affiliated Trade Unions. There is no question or issue too large or small that an affiliate cannot refer to us.

We seek to add value to specialist trade unions and sections of unions at various levels. With affiliation fees of less than £1 per annum, we believe we offer exceptional value.

Our annual programme gives an indication of the range of support we provide. From developing professional support for General Secretaries, to offering an exceptional programme of trade union management training, to youth and arts festivals, to initial reps training, to detailed specialist research and highly customised support for individual unions, we have a flexible and expert approach.

The GFTU adds value and support to specialist unions and specialist sections of larger general unions.

  • We provide research and back up and campaigning and press support.
  • We provide evidence and support in negotiations.
  • We provide IT and communications back up and support.
  • We run specialist seminars and advice work to assist managing our unions.
  • We provide a full curriculum of training courses, day schools and study seminars.
  • We bring education officers and health and safety officers of unions together to improve union education.
  • We organise youth conferences and support unions in their work to engage young people.
  • We provide thoughtful discussion journals.
  • We organise opportunities for networking and socialising for affiliates at the TUC.
  • We provide project management support.
  • We offer customised and free training for affiliates.
  • We can assist completely or in part with the administration of affiliates’ health and safety work or education programmes.
  • We provide unique international opportunities for affiliates to support international union links and understanding.
  • We represent affiliates on a range of national and international bodies.