Youth Festival – 20-22 April 2018

Do you know your rights as a young worker?

Have you ever wondered how to set up a workplace campaign or wanted to get involved in one but didn’t really know how to?

If either of these questions peak your interest then the GFTU Youth Festival is where you need to be.

Held at Quorn Grange Hotel in Leicestershire, the weekend is full of workshops and activities to give young members a running start into the movement with a network of activists wanting to make a difference.

We will start the weekend off with an introduction to trade unionism and cover over the course sessions from ACAS about employment rights, politics and media, encouraging you to question what you know and where you source your information from. You will be creating your own campaign videos, debunking the myths of economics, asking why some trade unions affiliate to political parties, organising, creative campaigning. There will be an overview of what’s happening internationally to put the movement here into perspective.

The weekend will be a bitesize whirlwind tour of a movement that is crying out for young people to engage and actively shape it going forward, rounded off with excellent food, great people and the amazing surroundings of Quorn Grange Hotel.

Book a place now and make the most of this fantastic learning opportunity! Call and speak with John 01509 410 978 or Ros 01509 410 977, or e-mail

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